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Pilates Healed My Repetitive Motion Injury
by Gary on 

I'm a professional guitarist. Last year a "repetitive motion injury" to my left arm caused considerable pain, forcing me several times to stop playing. Pilates immediately and dramatically effected my perception of my body in terms of balance in sitting, standing, walking, and playing; and in terms of overall strength. As I systematically did my exercises, the inflammation in my arm gradually faded completely. For me, Pilates offers a practical, elegant and thoughtful way to get in shape, stay in shape and give the body the strength and balance it needs to heal itself. It's great that there is a strong male contingent studying Pilates, too! I'm grateful to have found a way to exercise that I can see practicing for the rest of my life.  


Pilates Makes For Better Competitors
by margaret on 

I have been a competitive age-grouper sprint distance triathlete for 15 years, starting as a way to celebrate my 50th birthday. Though I added strengthening and yoga for cross-training over the years, it's been Pilates that changed every way I think about my sport. Previously, I never realized how key technique is to a discipline, but I've seen dramatic change in all three areas, and in my endurance and stamina.

The "core up" idea for me has become a physical and mental "firing up" that literally warms my body and mind up for the extreme challenge of cold open-water swimming. This powerful mindset and body-set now enables me to confidently approach a daunting task. I have had zero injuries since seriously studying Pilates 16 months ago. In the past, I always had some injury during the season that would take me out of one discipline.

I do believe Pilates brought me to this new place, and I'm loving it! I'm very competitive and I want to do more. I am now shifting my goals to Olympic Distance Triathlons. I'll be "aging-up" to 65-70 age group, and I look forward to bring home old girl gold!


Lucky to find Carol Appel's studio
by Kate & Mark on 

My husband and I moved to Petaluma about a year and a half ago, leaving our beloved Pilates teacher behind in New York with great regret.  We didn't see how we could possibly be as lucky again. As unlikely as it was, we have struck lucky again in finding the extraordinary studio of Carol Appel. Carol and her teachers are quite excellent.  I had tried several Pilates studios before I came west, and I would have to say that Carol Appel is superlatively good. Her knowledge of Pilates and of the human body is impressive, but she is also an excellent teacher, and very articulate in explaining the reasons for various movements and exercises.  The studio itself has a very warm and welcoming atmosphere, and my husband and I always look forward to our sessions immensely.


3 reasons I joined CAPPS
by Joy on 

With so many gyms and studios out there, why did I join CAPPS 3 years ago and stay a loyal member? 3 easy answers:
  1. People - instructors are knowledgeable, modify for students capabilities, and make it fun to learn
  2. Options - choose from classic to contemporary pilates, bootcamps, private to group.
  3. Results - I am 50-something years old and in the best shape in years!


How things have changed...
by Mindy F. on 

I think about how things have changed for me after coming to the studio for the last year.  I've lost 25 pounds and I can't remember the number of inches I've lost either, but what I gained was much more important. I gained the ability to wear a fabulous dress to a friend’s wedding that showed off my waist. I also gained the ability to get my hindquarters up over my head (a feat that I never thought I would be able to achieve). More importantly than the dress and the hindquarter-raising though, was the sense of adventure that I was able to bring back to my life...I had become sedentary and my life was becoming more limited by my inability to use my body. This year has been filled with adventure… I climbed Mt. Whitney, I'm now riding a motorcycle (my sense of balance has improved dramatically) and I'm in search of my next adventure, no longer afraid that I'm not strong enough or have the endurance. Thank you.

I love coming to the studio where I've discovered a unique group of individuals that are able to not only provide instruction, but support offer and a fun relaxing place to work out.  I've been a member of more health clubs that I can remember, and I always felt out of place, either a pilgrim in an unholy land or a number, where I had to wait for equipment. No one knew if I worked out or not.  In your studio, I've found an environment where I actually enjoy being in. I feel as though I belong, and everyone makes me feel special. Thank you… I'm looking forward to the next year as a member.


I thought my motorcycle riding days were over...
by Lindsay M. on 

I injured my sciatic nerve in a motorcycle incident and had such pain from it that I contemplated quitting my motorcycle tour business. I thought my motorcycle riding days were over. My doctor could only prescribe lengthy tests and pain medication, saying that basically my nerve injury was not fixable. After 3 months of Pilates training, I was riding pain-free. After 2 years, Pilates — the discovery process — continues to delight me. Thank you much loved teacher, great leader, and (most important!), Great Rejuvenator!


I love CAPPS!
by Victoria C. on 

I love CAPPS! I have never enjoyed working out until I joined with you.  I love the 45 minute lunch class consisting of Jacquie's kick butt workouts.... ball, lunges, weights, wall and floor exercises! Thanks!


Newbie to Pilates
by Trevor H on 

I have been an athletic person all my life, and enjoy being in shape as much as possible given the day to day time crunch that occurs.  However, as a newbie to the pilates teachings I have experienced an almost immediate change in body posture and stability.  I credit this directly to the focus and training received by CAPPS and the workout routine they have initiated. On top of that, I have noticed that my overall mental concentration levels have improved, as the workouts do not allow you to "zone out" and just go through the motions, which you can do with normal workout routines. Pilates is a true mind, body and soul practice and I appreciate what it has done to chance my life.  Thank you to Carol and her team of wonderful trainers!


Pilates Plus has made me a better athlete
by Tina T. on 

Pilates Plus has made me a better athlete in golf, volleyball, tennis, and basketball. Not only am I stronger and more flexible but I’ve learned to move in a more fluid and smart motion that prevents injury. I also like the flexibility of working out when I want to whether it is on the reformers, weights or cardio machines