Pilates Posters

Pilates Wall Chart

Finally, a Pilates Mat poster for studio or home use. This quick reference tool is a MUST-HAVE for teachers or students.

24" x 36"


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This Pilates Mat Poster offers health and fitness buffs an easy to follow workout routine for home or studio. This Pilates chart fills the gap with a contemporary visual of The Pilates Mat that serves students and teachers, women and men. The debut chart features the classic Pilates Mat poses in an easy-to-follow color-coded system that allows the user to differentiate Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced levels.  Its clean design captures the principle of flowing motion with clear bold images, exercise names, and number of repetitions.  For any Pilates student, or Pilates teacher, this simple guide is a solution for remembering the key form and the mat order.


 “I think the chart is perfectly designed and executed, presenting clearly, precisely and boldly the depth and quality of the work and will be valuable as a teaching tool in any studio setting. Your new project is exciting -- much success!!  You're a "good ol' girl" from way back, the work and the "know-how" are in your bones and this new evolvement and stretch are great. Big Texas love to you, my friend.” 
   Ron Fletcher
  -  March 2011
 “This Pilates Mat poster is great.  I also teach with color coding of the exercises to show progression.  I like the easy to follow images.  Thanks for all the great work you do"
Wendy LeBlanc-Arbuckle
- June 2012